Join me as I take you on the journey of my travels, my novels, my artwork and my insights into overcoming fears
and tapping into your life's calling!  
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 I'll be sharing my experiences with my tribe, giving away goodies and so much more. You will be the first to know of the release dates of my novels, my artwork, my exhibits,workshops and retreats. You will be the first to get introduced to characters, get special discounts and invitations, and see my travels! (And perhaps even witness my next kiss!)
Yes, me in all my quirkiness, raw and personal!
Join me for the unplugged journey of me...a suitcase, a pen, a paintbrush and well...who frickin' knows! xoxo
Updates! Contests! Tidbits! Motivation! And magic baby!

Do you have some friends that love romance, suspense, women's inspirational stories, art or travel?
Invite them! I would love for them to join the journey!
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